What Does Certified Diamond Mean?

Certified diamonds offer the best value for buying loose diamonds anywhere on earth because you know what you’re getting is what’s being offered. Before 1955 certified diamonds didn’t exist, then along came the G.I.A (Gemological Institute of America). GIA certified/graded diamonds were the very first independently appraised diamonds offered for world wide sale.

At first it was the diamond dealers and retailers who were being protected by the independent and scientific grading of diamonds but today it’s widely recognized that the consumers are the ones most in need of certificated diamonds.

However, not all loose diamonds are the same. The strictest of independent gemstone grading laboratories are your best bet for getting the best diamond for your money. The two most widely respected for their strict grading procedures are G.I.A and A.G.S.L (American Gem Society Labs).

There are many independent labs and there are many in-store labs that grade thousands of diamonds but they certainly don’t all adhere to the grading standards of GIA diamonds or AGS diamonds.

Even so, reputable, recommended diamond stores stock tens of thousands of GIA and AGS diamonds for you to choose from. With 30 days to appraise and return your choice of diamond/s if you’re not satisfied, is surely a great way to approach your intended purchase.

What Does Certified Diamond Mean?

Certified diamonds are definitely your best choice as long as you stick to the guidelines and stay away from biased in-store diamond grading certificates. If it’s not a truly independent lab then vote with your feet and walk away.