What does it mean if you dream of insects?

Dream Question: Can you tell me what it means when you dream about spiders? I have many dreams with spiders in them..

Answer: I used to dream about spiders a lot when I was young and for me they represented fears and anxieties about something going on in my life at the time. If you felt creeped out by these spiders, then chances are the meaning for you would be similar.

How did you feel about them in your dream? What is going on in your life that gives you the same feelings?

Spiders are very creative – just think of the webs they spin. If your feelings towards the dream spiders are friendly then perhaps the meaning is one of ‘spinning’ a project or solution to a situation in life.

There is no one meaning to any dream symbol. Always write these down since that usually triggers some sort of understanding.
What does it mean if you dream of insects?

Dream Question: My son had a dream of me (his mom) killing a huge insect in his car. The insect had distinct colours of red, green and yellow with a snake like rear and front end with teeth??

Answer: A very creative dream! I can’t interpret your dream for you since I don’t know you or your son personally, but I can give you some ideas. Here’s some of my own first impressions:

I would bet that your son is equating you with an assertive quality of some sort…one he has within himself as well. This insect/snake with teeth seems to be a major pest or problem of some kind and the fact that someone is taking the measures to get rid of sounds like a good one!

The ‘insect in his car’ could mean ‘the irritant or problem in his current life’s direction’.

The colors bring ‘rules or ability to move on’ to mind…they are the colors of traffic lights (red =stop, green=go, yellow=caution) in the U.S, but this color combo may mean something entirely different wherever you are.

Those are just ideas to get you and your son thinking and hopefully will trigger some answers for you.

Dream Question: I dreamt that I woke up and there were caterpillars all over me and in my bed. I was in a strange house and the hallway was dark.

Answer: If you think about caterpillars and the resulting butterfly they eventually become, that should give you some clue as to what they might mean.

Perhaps there is a transformation going on within you that you are not yet quite aware of (the strange house, dark hallway).