What does it mean if you dream of weddings?

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Dream Question: My friend’s friend had a dream she was getting married in a sari. Could you please tell me what that means?

Answer: Clothes in dreams reflect the person’s overall personality or attitude. The Sari is a very precise and traditional garment…your friend should have some idea of what a sari represents to her.

A dream wedding can mean different things depending on what is going on in the person’s life. It could be releasing anxiety or even happiness over an upcoming wedding, or it could be wedding-wish related.

Marriage in dreams generally means a coming together of an understanding within that occurred recently.

Your friend can put all this together to see how it relates to her current circumstances.

Dream Question: I keep dreaming about weddings. The first one was in Africa I was riding an elephant but the person beside me I could not see the face. The second wedding was I was getting married and it was a beautiful celebration with lots of flowers but again I could not see the face of the groom.

Answer: A dream wedding can mean all kinds of things depending on what is going on in your current life situation. For instance, these could be wish dreams, or they can be dreams of self integration…parts of your personality coming together, which can feel joyful, like a celebration.

You also have other strong symbols in the dream that should be taken into account. Work on the dreams separately since you didn’t dream them at the same time.

In your first dream is Africa, riding an elephant and a faceless ‘groom’. Go through these symbols one at a time and quickly write down your personal associations without thinking too much. How were you feeling in the dream?

Do the same for the second dream where you have your faceless groom and lots of flowers. Don’t forget to note how you were feeling during the dream. You can also sit quietly, close your eyes and mentally go back into the dream and talk to the groom…find out what’s going on. Believe it or not, this is an excellent way to get intuitive information!

And finally, how do these associations relate to your thoughts in waking life? The more you get to know your own personal symbols, the easier this process will become.
What does it mean if you dream of weddings?

Dream Question: Well, I had a dream where I went to a wedding. After that, I was driving and on my way I saw 3 brides wearing a really shiny bright white wedding dress.

As I passed them driving they were getting off the car and the three of them fell. I was so surprised!

I was looking at the third one and when I turned back I saw something wearing a black gown and I felt like it was on top of me… I was so scared cuz I couldn’t move. I wish to know what it means.

Answer: A very symbolic dream indeed!

First of all – look into the number 3 and what is symbolizes for you. Dreams of weddings generally have nothing to do with a real wedding, but more of a coming together of something either within you, or a situation in your waking life.

The celebratory ‘virgin’ white wedding dress turning into a black ‘mourning’ gown to me sounds like a loss of innocence or some other precious virtue…or perhaps a realization of some sort that saddened you and you’re not sure what to do with it (not being able to move).

Fear and some confusion were the emotions in your dream, so try to match these emotions (although maybe not as intense) to your waking life. Dreams are pictorial mirrors of our waking thoughts.

Hopefully this will give you some ideas to move forward in your interpretation.