What Does It Really Mean To Have A Clean House

A clean house is a fabulous home. You might not like the place you live very much, but believe me; you’ll like it a lot more if you keep it clean and tidy. Besides, a clean home has a fresh, positive energy that benefits everyone living there and attracts more positive energy (but you already knew that – law of attraction, right!).

So here we go:

There are three words you need to know to keep a clean house: Routines, routines and routines. Once upon a time, when you lived at home, you cleaned your room once in a while and the rest of the time it was a mess. (Unless you are one of those naturally neat and tidy persons who always have a clean home – but the, what are you doing here? Find another article to read!) Many of us continue this pattern when we grow up and move from or parents home: We clean our house once in a while and let it go the rest of the time. Well, you brush your teeth twice a day and take a shower regularly – so why not treat you home to some regularities, too?

What Does It Really Mean To Have A Clean House

I don’t care who’s doing what at home – this you have to find out together with other family members. But please don’t take on the martyr role and complain about being the one who does everything and that no one else cares. You take the lead and set the standards for how things should be done – if any one else wants to do it, fine! (Thought so!)

Things need to be done daily, weekly or monthly. Some things, like doing the dishes need to be done daily and here you need to find a time of the day when it suits you. You (or kids or husband) might empty and fill the dishwasher while making your coffee in the morning, while you cook dinner or while having a glass of wine before going to bed at night. Point is, it has to be done at same time every day – otherwise it’s so easy to skip. And remember, this only takes a few minutes!

Another ting you need to do daily is to tidy up – that means putting things in the place they belong. Clothes in the clothes cupboard, shoes in the shoe cupboard, newspapers in the newspaper basket, CDs in the covers and into the shelf, etc. This also only takes a few minutes as long as it’s done daily!

The easiest way to do the weekly cleaning is by concentrating on one room or one task a week, like this:

Monday: Clean kitchen and bathroom
Tuesday: Change sheets and clean bedroom
Wednesday: Do the ironing
Thursday: Clean living room and hallway
Friday: Clean kitchen and bathroom (again)

Write this into your diary. Depending on how much laundry you have, you either do laundry every day, three times a week or once a week – but write that down, too.The key to writing it down and having a routine is that mess and dirt doesn’t build up. A bathroom and a kitchen that is cleaned twice a week never get really dirty and the job is done quickly.

What Does It Really Mean To Have A Clean House

Then you have the stuff that needs to be done monthly, like washing the windows, cleaning your front entrance and front door etc. Write it down in your calendar or diary – first Friday every month: Clean the balcony, second Friday every month: Tidy up the garage.

Got it? Good. From now on you’ll always have a clean house. Doesn’t that feel fabulous?