What does it really mean to have a diet plan?

Having a healthy diet plan, is just that. A plan.

But a healthy diet plan is important.

With all the good intentions in the world, without a plan, you simply won’t succeed.

It will be a ’round2it’. In other words, you’ll ‘get around to it one day’.

And that day may be too late.

Diet plan

Having a healthy diet plan is all about knowing how to keep your family healthy. We are inundated with different fad diets, and ‘science’.

There is a lot of trial and error involved, and it would be easy to give up, and just go with what every body else is doing.

Don’t give up

It’s not over until the fat lady sings. (Sorry, poor old opera joke).

Don’t quit. There is too much at stake.

In our quest for health, we found four diets which we implemented into our lives, with much success. We adapted them to suit our family. We had to kick out some bad ones too. But we kept at it.

What does it really mean to have a diet plan?

And we have experienced the benefits because of them.

A healthy diet is predominantly a plant based diet. If you assess what you currently eat you will probably find that you have more grains, meats and dairy than you realise.

Work it out

Write down, beginning with the first thing you put past your lips, and list everything you eat in the day. You may be surprised at the high amount of processed foods are in your diet.

You may even be thinking that there is nothing wrong with you diet. It may even be based off the current food pyramid.

Those dietary guidelines will not keep you healthy. Have a good look at a current pyramid, and you will see that it recommends Pasta, Bread and Cereals as your base.

All the foods on the bottom of the pyramid are processed in some form (including the rice – if you are eating white rice).

A diet based on predominantly processed foods, will not allow you the level of health you want.

Briefly, your digestive system can not properly digest processed foods, as the natural enzymes and minerals required for digestion, have been denatured, or have be removed all together.

We switched to a predominantly plant based diet, and experienced levels of health we had never had before.

These diets are,

  • Raw Food Diet,
  • food combining,
  • Alkaline Diet, and
  • PH miracle diet.

Now don’t switch me off just because I said Raw Food. It isn’t as boring as you may imagine.

We had no idea, but there are a multitude of raw food recipe books, and most of their recipes are delicious – but the beauty about it is…

They are so simple.

I home-school my 5 boys, and I don’t have a whole heap of time to spend in the kitchen. My boys and I prepare our meals in 30mins flat most of the time. And they are so simple…

My boys are able to do them by themselves! Such a blessing for a busy Mumma.

And we have come up with so many different ways to eat our vegetables, that we have never been bored with this diet. Never.


We also added into our new healthy diets sprouting and raw fruit and vegetable juices.

The healing and cleansing power of juices should not be over looked.


We read many authors on these diets too. These men and women are considered authorities on their subjects. So we had a very good overall picture of what good health would be.

Some of these authors are,

  • Dr Joel Fuhrman,
  • Dr Sandra Cabot,
  • Herbert M. Shelton,
  • David Sandoval, and
  • Robert Young and Shelley Young.

A good healthy diet should never be boring. It should have life and enjoyment. But it needs to have the right result.

Remember, just because it tastes good, doesn’t mean that it is good for you. Be discerning on your diet.

The benefits will be radical. I can assure you.