What does the scent of your home say about you?

Do you use scent and home fragrance as a TOOL to create mood, memory and sophistication? If not, you’re missing out… Human beings have Five Senses: For maximum impact remember to stimulate the nose, as well as the eyes!

Smell is the sense that is MOST strongly tied to memory. That is one of the reasons why the scent of your home is so important.

Home fragrances can be a complex, totally personal perception. For one thing, the sense of smell varies quite a bit from person to person.

People’s personal likes and dislikes vary just as widely. Subtlety is king when it comes to ANY type of frangrance in the home.



An Envied Home does NOT smell artificial. Your home should smell subtle, elegant, classy…but most of all, clean and fresh.

Remember that many people have health issues, such as asthma, that make overly fragrant spaces dangerous to their health. ANY fragrance is too much for some people. Always err on the side of caution if you are having guests over for the first time.
If you’re serious about obtaining clean, fresh air in your home it’s worth looking into a home air purifier to remove odors, fumes and smoke. They can scientifically deep clean the air! Look for a product like the Oreck air cleaner that captures and destroys bacteria, viruses and mold that cause indoor air pollution. Imagine the money you would be able to save on air fresheners…

What does the scent of your home say about you?

The best home scent:

Some homes always smell wonderful…without owning a single spray, air freshener or scented candle. The secret? Their owners cook…simple food, nothing fancy. From slowly ripening pineapple on the counter to chopped fresh garden herbs…heady roasted garlic or a simmering pot of stew. Even if a food isn’t particularly aromatic, the air will still take on a wholesome quality.

It’s the closest you can come to smelling care, love and comfort in the air…far better than a field of artificial flowers!

If people drop by when you’re cooking…it doesn’t even matter if they have to trip over a pile of shoes or see the foot-high pile of newspapers on the coffee table, their overall impressions of your home will immediately be cemented by the happy, real-life, cared-for aroma that greets them at the door.

Nothing else matters. Isn’t scent a wonderful thing??

Fake it!

No time to cook? Select your Home Fragrances to smell like food. We’re big fans of cinnamon, vanilla and apple cider aromas for fall and winter.

Don’t go overboard though…you want a gentle hint reminiscent of comfort, not a pie factory down the hall!

In a “pinch”? Gently simmer a cup or two of water on the stove with a few shakes of cinnamon. It’s amazingly effective and very economical! Just please, be mindful and don’t forget about. Scorched pans and a burning house do NOT smell very good.

Candles and other Home Fragrance Options:

Candles…don’t you love the warmth of the light, a gentle scent and the dancing flame? They make most of us feel warm and cozy, just looking at them. If candles don’t work for you, there are many other good Home Fragrance options including Simmer pots, Reed Diffusers, Incense and Potpourri.

Choose your scent carefully. It should never be oppressive, heavy or overly sweet. Unless you are a teenage girl we would recommend avoiding anything that smells youthfully “fruity”, overly floral or the various unnatural “fresh rain” type aromas.

Try the higher end candles such as Dyptique, Annik Goutal and Voluspa…they literally smell luxurious!


If you are having guests over for dinner it should go without saying that any candles on or near the Dining Table should be unscented. Since our sense of smell is so closely linked to taste, a scented candle can be an annoying accompaniment to fine dinging and good wine.

Although scents are very personal, we can all agree that a home should smell subtle, elegant, classy and cared for. We’ll let you decide what smells that way to you!