What does the skateboarding equipment include?

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Skateboarding equipment. You need to have the proper equipment to be able to skateboard. This is my sort of skateboarding equipment checklist. You’ll need these things for skateboarding at some point. I’m going to show you just what you need and give you a few reasons why you’ll want it.

• A board and grip tape
• Trucks
• Wheels
• Bearings
• Hardware

You’ll also need some clothes. Get some baggy pants. Make sure they’re not too long so they don’t get caught in your wheels. You don’t want them to restrict your flexibility though. Maybe grab a t-shirt with your favorite skateboard company on it.

Get some skate shoes. If you can’t afford good pro ones, get some knock offs. Read my article about skateboard shoes to get some better information.

You’re also going to need a helmet and pads for when you’re at a skate park. It’s smart to invest in your own. A lot of times you’ll need them to get into parks. You would have to rent them every time. You might as well just go and buy some in the beginning.

What does the skateboarding equipment include?

Get some wax. Rails, curbs, ledges. They all need wax at some point. Don’t worry about buying some. I think they take candles and cut out little images and charge five times as much for them! I think candles laying around the house or dollar general candles work just fine.

Some other things to consider:

Fluids. Grab some water. Get a Gatorade. You need something that will keep you hydrated. Energy drinks are cool. I really like them, but you need some other fluids too.

Bring a phone. What if you get hurt. Or one of your friends does. It’s always a good idea to have a phone on you to call someone. Hopefully it never comes to that, but it’s better to be prepared than to end up stuck somewhere, or worse, seriously injured. And stuck somewhere.

Skate tool. These are important. Get one that does a bunch of different things for your board. It can be hard to find a good one. A lot of times you’ll need one though. If you have a new board, then a skate tool is a must. These are the things I always make sure I have when I am about to go skating.