What Effect Does Genuine Positive Thinking Have On You?

Developing Positive Thinking skills will change your life! How so?

You are thinking thoughts all the time, conscious or unconsciously. Maybe 100 000 thoughts are going trough your brain every day and every one of them is either positive or negative.

It is of great advantage for you if you can adopt a positive attitude because negative thoughts harm you in different ways.

Negative thoughts

  • Hinders you from achieving good things in your life
  • Creates negative feelings that make you feel low and down.
  • Creates eventually diseases in your body, by disturbing your energy system.

It is of utmost importance for your wellbeing to have adopt a positive attitude. This is easy to say but hard to attain, because most of your thoughts are subconscius and mostly habitual.

What Effect Does Genuine Positive Thinking Have On You?

Abraham Lincoln did say something very wise and true about this:
“Tell me a man’s attitude about life, his attitude about other people and his attitude towards the world and I’ll accurately predict his future.”

It says it all! What more can I say?

Why is it so difficult to maintain a positive attitude?

I would say it is because negative thinking becomes a habit. Habits are very persistent and hard to change. They work almost like addictions and the longer you have had them, the harder it is to change them. They may have started for one reason but continue for other reasons.

In order to rule over your habitual negative thoughts, you need to be consciously even more persistent than your subconscious negative habit.