What exactly is organic gardening?

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Using Mother Nature’s Ingredients for Organic Gardening.

Organic gardening is the practice of growing your flowers and plants naturally. More specifically, it means using no man-made chemicals to promote growth, deter pest, or control weeds and disease.

This is contrary to the norm where most of the time chemical herbicides, insecticides, and pesticides are used control gardens. In flower gardening, organic methods not only help the environment but also the health of people living in the vicinity.

It’s Easy to Do…

Soil is the Key:

Organic gardening begins with attention to the soil. You take care of the soil by regularly adding organic matter. The neat thing about this is… it’s materials you have readily available around your home because your kitchen, garden, or yard produces the raw ingredients for composting. Food scraps from your kitchen or decaying plant waste such as grass clippings, etc, are perfect for organic matter.

What exactly is organic gardening?

Evaluate your soil. You can test it yourself, have it tested, or just go by your own instincts. If you guess, your odds improve if you talk to experienced gardeners in the local area to see what they do and recommend. If you go the test route, give a soil sample to a local county extension agent who will test it primarily for:

  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Trace Elements

After this soil test, the extension agent will be able to tell you what your soil is deficient in and you can act accordingly.

By choosing flowers or plants that are adapted to your region you’ll save a lot of time and effort. These plants are already somewhat adapted to the local soil and weather conditions and may also be somewhat resistant to local pest and disease.