What exactly is wind energy?

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Wind Energy is one of the most lucrative forms of alternative energy available to us. But what is wind energy really?

The source of wind is the Sun, which is powered by nuclear reactions happening in its core. Today this source of alternate energy is used for generation of Electricity. It is the sun’s interaction with the Earth’s surface that creates winds and as long as the sun is up there shinning bright on us, there shall be wind energy.

So when did man first use this source of energy?

You will be surprised to know that even though it seems to be a difficult idea to harness usable energy from wind, it has been done by civilizations that are as old as 5000 years. History has it that Afghans where using it about 5000 years to get their job done. People from China and Babylonia are known to have made use of this about 4000 years ago for irrigating cultivable land. Windmills were extensively used in Europe in the middle ages for grinding corn. So the usability of wind energy has been known to man for ages. Now at this time when the earth is reeling under severe pressure on its non renewable resources of energy it is of primary importance that we look into alternative renewable forms like wind.

If you were wondering what is wind energy then I am sure these facts would come as a shocker.

I often wonder about the fact that Nature and all its elements are as wonderful as they are unpredictable. So what are the factors that influence wind patterns?

What exactly is wind energy?

According to research information change in seasons, day and night, land and water reflectivity, humidity, friction of wind over different terrains and something called the “Coriolis effect” – which is when cyclones spin counterclockwise in the Northern hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern hemisphere, caused by the rotation of the Earth, are the prime factors affecting wind patterns.

As the rule of nature, there have always been two sides to everything, so let us get a glimpse of the advantages and disadvantages of this highly sort after renewable energy source. This should tell you what is wind energy famous for and the associated disadvantages as well.

Advantages of Wind Energy

  • Being environment friendly, as no fossil fuels are burnt to generate electricity from wind energy.
  • Space being the biggest factor in today’s concrete jungles, wind turbines takes up less space than the average power station.
  • The wind is free for all, and we are able to cash on this free renewable source of energy, a relief that we are not depleting its repository!
  • When combined with Solar generated electricity, this energy source is great for developing countries to provide steady and reliable supply of electricity.

Now that you know what is wind energy special for let’s have a look at some of its limitations.

Disadvantages of Wind Energy

      • The winds unpredictable patterns.
      • Compared to its fossil fuel counterpart, wind energy produces considerably less electricity and this requires multiple wind turbines for the required impact.
      • Cost has always been a concerning factor and so has been the process of building these giant turbines since it disturbs the surrounding wildlife.
      • Noise pollution is another factor to consider since these tall structures can be as noisy as a small jet engine.
      • Last but not the least, the space needed is always under dispute since many people feel the countryside is to be enjoyed for its beauty and not used for wind farm development.
      • Now that you know what is wind energy and its need in today’s scenario of depleting noon renewable energy sources, it’s prudent that you take a stand on to make the best use of these renewable energy forms and save the non renewable ones for future.