What Happened to Lindsay Lohan?

( Lindsay Lohan, honey, if you read this, I’m not picking on you. I just want you to wake up and get help.)

Marilyn Monroe. Elvis Presley. George Reeves. Extraordinarily talented, gifted and sensitive people. Bridgette Andersen. Kristen Pfaff. Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes. All of them died because of substance abuse problems. There are more – many more. All these people who had so much more to give, and were cut off from life when they had barely begun.

Lindsay Lohan: Child star. Extraordinarily talented. Sensitive and bright. Friendly. She went from cute to hot as she grew into a teenager. She laughed at a reporter asking if she was a porn star. She seemed sweet and down-to-earth. The kind of girl who could survive the high-pressure, too-visible world of being a Hollywood star.

Now we hear different things about her. Car crashes. DWI charges. Rehab. Drugs in her pockets. Alcohol at parties. Reports that her dad is verbally, maybe physically abusive. Reports that her mom is a bigger partier than any teenager. Reports that her “friends” who were in the car when she crashed it are going to sue her.

What happened to Lindsay Lohan?

Where is she?

Where is the girl who got to work with Jamie Lee Curtis and Jane Fonda, earning praise for her talent from both? Where is the girl who put aside her family problems in order to become Disney’s brightest child star and Hollywood’s hottest commodity? Where is the girl who tried to re-emerge triumphant and healed from rehab, so bold that she volunteered to wear an alcohol-monitoring anklet?

What Happened to Lindsay Lohan?

I don’t see her anywhere. She’s been replaced by a shadow that avoids real life as much as possible, distracted from the mess inside by parties and friends and destruction disguised as a “good time.”

I mention Lindsay because she is the perfect, most complete example, of how a girl can have “everything:” beauty, intelligence, talent, money, respect in her field – and still have nothing. And it’s because of her own choices.

You can’t close your eyes or stick a needle in your arm and hope life doesn’t notice you. There are no vacations from life. If your life is too difficult, then your choices got you in the mess, and your choices can get you out. You can choose to have less going on. You can choose to take better care of yourself.

Lindsay Lohan’s life is getting progressively worse. You know things are bad when VH1 has a special on all your screw-ups. She’s tried to straighten it out before, but she needs to try again, and this time, take care of every aspect of her health. She should handle three areas first. Physically, she needs to stop the drug and alcohol use entirely. Socially, she needs to prune her list of friends so that she is only around the ones who truly have her best interests at heart. Spiritually, she needs a solid base of faith to give her strength and a sense of purpose for her life, so that she won’t be so tempted to fall off the path to healing. Then she can do whatever it takes to manage the rest of her health: emotional, mental, financial, and sexual. If she could become a Whole Woman, she’d have all she needs to be something greater than herself – a light for young women everywhere.

The question now is, will Lindsay Lohan make the time and effort to repair herself, or will she be added to the list of gifted people who are now gone forever?