What Is A Bakery Candle?

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Not sure what a bakery candle is? They’re adorable candles shaped like real bakery products and they give off the same delicious scent as their edible counterparts. They look so real that you might want to take a taste, but just remember – they’re for lighting, not biting!

Hate to Bake? Light a Candle Instead

 Imagine yourself relaxing in your home. As you sigh contentedly, you inhale and enjoy the delectable aroma of a hot apple pie. Maybe you prefer a pumpkin pie.

What Is A Bakery Candle?

Or perhaps your treat of choice is a cinnamon bun, complete with icing dripping down the sides. With our realistic candles, you can enjoy those aromas every day, any time you want to without baking!

That’s the beauty of a bakery candle. These calorie free treats smell just like the real thing but with no clean up when they’re done.

Give the Gift of Bakery in a Box

 Everyone loves the smell of home baked goodies but very few of us have the time to actually bake in order to fill our homes with those comforting scents.

If you know a candle lover why not give them a bakery candle, which is sure to please. Buying candles for someone else can be tricky if you’re not sure what their favourite candle scents are. Your chances of choosing the wrong scent are practically non-existent when gifting them with a candle that looks and smells like baked goods – there are very few people who wouldn’t love to fill their home with the mouth watering aroma of freshly baked apple or pumpkin pie.

Sold on a Pumpkin Pie!

 While candles might seem like a luxury did you know they can actually help you sell your home? Many relators advise their clients to infuse their houses with welcoming scents such as baked goods to set a mood of comfort and coming home.

Light a cinnamon bun or apple pie candle and let it burn for a few hours before a showing or open house. The candle will fill your home with a delicious scent that will go a long way to putting potential buyers in the right mood, whether they know it or not!

Just be sure to purchase a high quality candle that will give off a great deal of scent that will linger through the viewing even after you have extinguished the candle and left. Remember never to leave a lit candle unattended.