What is a good youth racket?

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A good youth racket for playing tennis is the Markwort brand. This inexpensive brand is very good for a beginner to average player.

There are several rackets available in the Markwort line, including the Torpedo racket that has been very popular amongst our friends – many of whom are teenagers. I am also aware that they carry introductory rackets for younger players. Some friends of ours have two kids under ten. One uses the Green Flash, the other the Markwort Swing Away. They’re both decent players for their age group and have expressed that they like their rackets just fine.

The brand offers regular and extra long lengths, depending upon the player’s preference. The Torpedo is very good for female players, particularly if a moderate player. It may even be adequate for advanced female players (I’m not advanced, so can’t say for sure, but as a moderate player I certainly have no complaints!).

The flexibility and range of rackets Markwort offers allows almost every player to be able to use this racket, with the possible exception of an advanced male. The way the Markwort is strung has a huge impact on the way players play and most tennis athletes prefer to have them professionally strung instead of using generic stringing from the manufacturer.

What is a good youth racket?

My son has used a Markwort for about two years and refuses to anything but a Markwort. He’s 15 and an advanced player. The Torpedo provides him great speed but at the same time decent control for a player his age.

The support that Markwort provides, as far as customer service goes, is also absolutely critical to any player. If you have a problem with the racket, it’s a necessity to get it correctly quickly as most players won’t perform well without their usual racket. Markwort has a good customer service department and sales representatives in each area that are very knowledgeable about their products.

These are the main reasons that I recommend the lesser known and inexpensive Markwort brand, a particularly good youth racket, and a brand for those of us older players who can hold our own on the tennis court but have no chance of becoming the next Andy Roddick.