What is a network drive? What can you do with it?

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A network drive is a drive which appears in the ‘My computer’ section as a hard drive. Actually it is a shared folder on another computer in the network or on a server in the network.  This drive acts exactly like it is a real hard disk.

If you want, for example, to store your music and your movies you downloaded central on just one computer in the network or you have a server where you store this music and movies, you can map a network drive to this computer or server.  If you map it to the music and films folder it is just like that these folders are stored on your own computer but actually they are stored on another computer.

If you have full control on these music and movies folders on the other computer or server. You can for example create folders on it, delete files, change files etc. just like a real hard disk.

How to create a network drive?

First of all you need to share the folders on the other computer or server and make sure you have the rights you need. If the folder is shared on that computer or server you return to your own computer and you follow the next steps.

What is a network drive? What can you do with it?

Step 1:

What is a network drive? What can you do with it?

Click right mouse button on ‘My computer’.

Step 2:
Click ‘Map network drive’ and the next screen is shown.

Step 3:

Here you can give the drive letter which will be created a drive letter you want. To avoid problems later with USB sticks I recommend you choose the last possible drive letter in the alphabet, like ‘Z’.  Then you can browse to the shared folder on the network by clicking the ‘Browse’ button or you can type: Computer name Shared Folder. For example Server music.

Step 4:

Check the ‘Reconnect at logon’ checkbox to connect to the shared folder automatically when you login to Windows and click ‘Finish’. Now the shared folder will be opened and you see the content of this folder.
Now you have mapped a network drive and if you navigate to ‘My computer’ you will see this drive.

You can use this drive just as another hard drive.