What is an autoresponder?

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Autoresponder is probably one of the most important tools you’ll ever use if you plan to do much work on the Internet in this industry. For the average network marketer, it’s what allows him to stay in constant touch with the leads and to keep himself in the minds of those who showed interest by opting-in on the capture pages.

In some instances, the company you’re with might provide their own autoresponder program as part of the website package, if you went that way. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the company sites, but that’s just me. If you want to know why, then send me a quick note and we’ll go from there, but I don’t think it’s worth the space to discuss them here.


What is an autoresponder?

Before I go any further, let me shortly mention what autoresponders just in case you’re not 100% familiar with them.

Autoresponders are programs that automatically send out prewritten emails (written by you or someone you hired) to those who opted into your list.


And what do these do?

The messages can be set in advance to go out every few days at regular intervals or some programs even allow for varying intervals between mailings. For example, you might want the autoresponder to send out an email right away after the lead has opted in, to capture their attention when it’s at a peak.

Then you want to mail out another one the next day. But after that, you don’t want to seem too pushy, so you want to mail the third one 3 days after the first email. Then the next one might go out a week after, then maybe 2 days, etc…

With these settings, you have complete control over how your leads will receive your emails.

Some autoresponders also has a broadcasting feature that allows you to send out real time email notices to some or all of your leads. These are not the prewritten emails, but written in “real time”.

These are great for any specials you might want to do or for urgent notices to your team members (e.g., rescheduling of training day).

What is an autoresponder?


Can’t I just use my Outlook?

Short answer, yes.

Long answer, yes, but that would be quite not-too-smart.

Why? Because if your thinking of having 10 or less folks in your team, you can probably manage with your Outlook, but then I have to ask why you’re in this business at all?

So if you’re looking to make it big, then how are you going to handle hundreds or emails being sent out? How are you going to handle hundreds of inquiries regarding your business? How are you going to sort through all the responses and sort out those who are really serious from the tire kickers?

You see, even though an autoresponder won’t receive messages, it can do these things for you to make your life a heck of a lot easier.

It sends out all those emails and you would structure the messages in a way that would encourage the serious to contact you and discourage the tire kickers to give up and opt-out from the mailing list.

In effect, you allow your autoresponder to do the hard work for you in screening your prospects. At the end, those who stuck around to read all the emails will have a much higher chance of joining your team.

And in the mean time, you were ……. not stuck at your computer answering hundreds of emails.

Isn’t that a great thing?

You gotta love it.


How do I choose the right autoresponder?

There are many autoresponder services out there. But choosing a good one isn’t too hard.

First, obviously, you want to make sure that the company has a good reputation and that they have strict security measures with your leads information. Then you need to make sure that their technology doesn’t fail (e.g., missed mailings, servers going down, having enough back up servers, etc…).

But all in all, there’s really no need to go into details about these guys.

The two leaders in the industry is agreed by most to be Aweber, and GetResponse.

Basically, if you go with either of the two, you can’t go wrong.

There is a third company that someone just told me about called MailChimp. They’re unique because of their heavy emphasis on HTML template emails.

HTML emails are like those sent by eBay, Amazon, Blockbuster, etc… The BIG guys.

I haven’t check them out, so I can’t recommend them, but they might be worth checking out. Personally, I’m not sure if I’ll feel the need to check them out in the near future.


I don’t know about you, but…

One more thing about the HTML emails.

Yes, they look nice. Yes, they are fancy. Yes, they can set a good image.

But a poor message in a fancy email won’t do you any good. The only folks you’ll attract with emails like that are people who’ll just end up wasting your time. Because they are not focusing on the message. They just want something that looks good and pretty.

And what do you think the chances are of these folks working their business as hard as you? Very little.

So when it comes to emails, focus on the message. There a good reason why even the big names in the industry and Internet marketing in general stick to plain text emails.

They get to the point, help to weed out weak leads, reduce file size, and can be read by everyone. HTML can’t be viewed by everyone.

Surprising, I know, but it’s true.

So, don’t look to be fancy. Stick to the basics and do it well. That will do more for your business than fancy HTML ever will.