What is Case modding?

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The word “mod” here means modification. Case modding may be referred to the artistic modification of the computer framework. It often involves the use of peripheral components also. Case modding may be used in another sense also. It may also refer to the artistic modification of hardware –only for artistic reasons. Examples of this type are like to cut a hole in the side panel, to re-paint a case or to install a clear window for the components to be visible.

The “beige box” in which the computers were sold earlier was very unattractive. Hence, either people made new cases or modified the existing ones. With the release of Apple iMac, Case modding became popular. Nowadays beige box design is fast becoming a rarity.

Case stickers, LCD status panels, fans with lights, non-standard motherboard colors, pictures on the glass, case windows to peak inside or colored cases are some of the popular modifications taking place nowadays.

What is Case modding?

You sure won’t mind spending a few bucks for Case modding?

As you start on Case modding, first you would want to pick a size. Tower and Desktop are the two basic styles in Cases. Mini, mid or full are its three sizes. If you go in for say full size you would have more component space and with mini though you save on your desk space you sacrifice your expansion ability.

Cases are made up of aluminum or steel. If you want to over clock or max out your processor, aluminum is a better choice because of its lower weight and thermal conduction. You must select a case where the power supply is not in the way of motherboard connectors. There should be adequate airflow. Check for a removable front screen (to prevent dust) and case fan brackets (to add extra cooling fans).

Once you have decided on your case, the next thing is to go shopping for computer mod supplies like the lights mounted inside the case or the custom fan grill or water cooling kit!

There are several boutique companies and manufacturers, which are now making as well as modifying the cases for you. The prices are cheap and expensive and the mod types range from standard cases to cases with lighting, custom painting, custom windows etc.