What is expected of the bridesmaid?

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The main maid of honor duty is to support the bride in every way prior and during the wedding.

Either helping with practical little things in the wedding preparations, being supporting when the mother in law gets too close or the bride simply needs some quality friendship time.

As we all know the bride is the star of the wedding but she could not make it happen without her maid of honor.

Here are some of the maid of honor duty facts:

She should relay information to the other bridesmaids. That could be info about the dresses such as dress fitting appointments or the important ceremony duties.

Part of the maid of honor duties is also to host a bridal shower or bachelor party. Remember to prepare her close friend without her knowing it.

She should help organize any group gift purchases among the attendants

The maid of honor often helps out with wedding details. That can be details like addressing invitations or tracking down invited guests that have not yet given any replies.

The maid of honor usually pays her own dress but not always. It depends on what the bride has in mind.

If the bride has a very special and expensive dress she wants her maids in it is not the maid of honor duty to pay for the dress.

What is expected of the bridesmaid?

But if the maid of honor can choose her own dress that can be worn again later she should pay herself. If is still important that the bridesmaids dresses somehow match.

On the wedding day the maid of honor duty reaches a high.

The bride is going to need practical support – Its amazing how easy those wails get messed up not to mention the insanely small button holes in the wedding dress.

Being the calm supporting friend when the nerves starts to hit the trembling bride is the maid of honor duty.

She holds the wedding bouqet at the ceremony and may serve as a witness to the marriage (depending on how you choose to have your ceremony)

If she feels like it she can hold a toast at the reception dinner but it is not a duty of hers.