What is it about smiling?

Smiling is contagious,it is a natural result of your feelings and a genuine one will move the entire muscles of your face. Facial expressions are very important and go hand in hand with happiness,which has a profound,positive effect on your health and well-being.

Grinning can be found in all cultures and can even be seen in children born blind from birth. It is a human attribute. They draw people into you. There is an attraction factor to it. Studies have shown that moving your facial muscles upwards to form a curve releases endorphin’s,natural pain killers and serotonin,together these three makes us feel good. Feeling good is what life is all about! It is a natural drug and changes our mood. It helps lower blood pressure and boosts our immune system. It helps us look younger! Hey,there’s a great Idea!

What is it about smiling?

Stress in our daily activities shows on our faces. Being happy can help change our mood and help ease the tension.A happy face equals love,compassion,generosity,kindness,warmth,reliability,patience and real-love. After all,our higher power wants us to be happy, joyous and free.Take it easy on yourself and put on a happy face. They are free!

Life Is! And you are worth it. What is it about smiling?