What Is It About Virtual Rocks?

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If you ever needed to hide an unsightly pump or anything else in the yard there are a few options. Some of your choices include:

  • Put plants or flowers around the object
  • Erect a fence around the object
  • Use a hollowed out manufactured rock

Using a hollowed out manufactured (synthetic rock) is a great and very easy option. Many new subdivisions have these throughout them covering up and hiding pumps and other garden type objects. Unfortunately, most of the manufactured rocks look cheap and definitely don’t look like a real rock. There is one company out there, however, making a line of synthetic rocks that do look very real. They are called “Virtual Rocks”.

The Virtual Rock Story (in the words of the inventors…):

We invented Virtual Rocks in 1999 and vowed they would be “The Best Manufactured Rocks On Earth”. Our Virtual Rocks have set the standard for quality, durability and most importantly, appearance. Shortly after we started we heard of a plumbing inspector who refused to sign-off on a permit because he couldn’t find the well. He was quickly informed about Virtual Rocks and their ability to hide things.

What Is It About Virtual Rocks?

Virtual Rocks Incorporated is located along Michigan’s rocky western shore. When a new Virtual Rock design is being considered, we search for a natural rock that has all the features we are looking for and a mold is cast. At Virtual Rocks, being true to nature’s creation has always been our first objective.

Each of our designs has been selected for its size and shape to cover the widest range of objects found in yards, gardens and pond areas. We have had countless satisfied customers who keep finding new uses for our Rocks.

At Virtual Rocks, our goal is to provide a natural solution to common landscaping problems by allowing our customers to Rock On!


Brothers, Wally and Mark Morton (inventors & owners of Virtual Rocks)

Four of their Virtual Rock Styles include:

The Adirondack

This Virtual Rock was named after the majestic Adirondack Mountains. It is our largest rock and has a wide range of uses. This rock is great for covering larger fixtures, pumps, manholes or even a satellite dish.

Measures 29″x31″x25″ H Actual Weight: 32 lb

The Ozark

Use the Ozark to cover electrical boxes, wellheads, irrigation controls, pond fixtures, cameras, and yes, even keys. Four granite color choices.

Measures 17″x14″x12″ H Actual Weight: 8.5 lb

The Sonora

The Sonora was created to cover the worst landscape offender: the wellhead. It’s also great for hiding irrigation pumps, plumbing fixtures and electrical control panels.

Measures 18″x16″x24″ H Actual Weight: 16 lb

The Garden Cave

The Garden Cave is the ultimate storage solution for your hose, garden tools, gloves, pest controls and fertilizers. The bottom is shaped like a bin to keep everything neat and tidy.

Measures 33″x24″x11″ H Actual Weight: 29 lb

You can find this great company on the internet by going to www.virtualrocks.com