What is it we can say when it comes to dreams, prophesies, and visions?

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What is it we can say when it comes to dreams, prophesies, and visions?

As I listened to her tell me her dream, I tried to envision and capture her words, which were in her words, “ beyond description”. You see, we as humans have the capacity to imagine a lot of things. But there are such things that do exist beyond our wildest and deepest imagination.

Again as she was telling her story, it brought to my mind the things that I have both read and heard about, concerning the prophesies of the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. The meekness He displayed while He showed us and taught us God the Father, should never be mistaken for weakness when He returns with all power.

She begins with;

Less than 24 hours ago, your brother told me that the Angel of the Lord would visit me, and that He had a message for me that would be for the whole family. Well, I had a dream last night and it’s been on my mind because it’s so indescribable. It woke me up about one something in the morning. Upon awakening, I went to go get a drink of tea, and when I went back to sleep, the dream picked up where it left off. Alls I know is that it was a long dream, because when I woke back up the second time, it was three something.

What is it we can say when it comes to dreams, prophesies, and visions?

Okay, we were all outside okay, everybody was and I mean I could see the whole world. All of a sudden, and it must of been after the sunset because I didn’t see the sun, (nor did I see the stars for that matter) I saw four huge, large, very massive white bright lights, all with the appearance of the sun. They came one after another in a diagonal systematic order. They were so distinct.

Now I really don’t know if they were actually ascending or descending. It seemed as though they fell to the earth but, I could see way up into the heavens so I couldn’t tell. Yet what I can tell you is this, that they were a lot closer to the earth than to the heavens.

They were moving slow enough for me to run and get my mother. So I ran in to get her, and said “Mom come look at this!”, and she asked, “what are those?” I replied, “Those are the four angels that were standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth”. No one else saw them however.

They didn’t see the forewarnings, only what came upon us suddenly.

For immediately after the four bright lights, then we all saw like this red, yellow, purple, clouds filled with thunders and lightning’s (greater than any we had ever seen). There have been no natural disasters that can describe it. I want to say it was a storm, yet it was so much more powerful than that. It was a powerful force. The clouds were fierce, flat, and colorful with such force and power. More powerful and greater than any lighting, or electricity.

By the way, those are the only words I could use because it was actually beyond measurement and description. Okay, let me say this, if you were to take all of the combined forces of nature and man, combined forces so great, multiply that by trillions of all of the combined powers that ever existed. And that wouldn’t be an overestimate.

Anyway, the scene shifted and the next thing I knew we were all in a building, on the second floor or something. Everyone was seeking shelter. Everyone was in a building or a shelter looking into the heavens. In the midst of this phenomenon, war combined with great fire force, and all natural disasters was like all hell (not hell, but something) broke loose and it covered the whole earth.

It was an intense vision.

I mean intense by what was seen. Though no one could go outside, I could for some reason. And I went outside because I heard this faint angelic music getting closer and closer. I asked my sister (who is passed away) if she could hear the music. She replied, “Yes, I hear it.” (So the dead in Christ heard as well). But no one else could hear it.

Even though it was fiery outside, I only felt a few drops of rain. It was strange the rain wasn’t poisoned, because when I returned inside, people were frantically trying to get water. They had basins, pitchers and glasses, but the water was coming out of the taps murky and polluted. I said, “the water is poisoned”. They were still scrambling trying to store up water, but it was too late, there was no water because all of the water was poisoned. It was devastating.

Everyone was stunned and overwhelmed, yet there was no crying or screaming or nothing because everyone’s eye was upon this, this whatever it was that covered the whole earth. Everyone was wondering what we were going to do. Those in Christ were not afraid; while the rest of the world wondered what to do.

The whole world was at a standstill. Everything stood still, no work, no traffic, no robbery, no nothing. Everyone was caught up in what was upon us, looking into the heavens; we could only look up from inside and not for long periods at a time. It was a sight the whole world saw.

By that time, that angelic music (which is indescribable as well) was getting closer and others started to hear it as well. The vision ended with the sounds of that angelic music. So in myself, I knew that it was time for us to go with our Lord. He was coming for us even though I couldn’t see Him.

He spoke to me and I heard Him, but not through my ears. He said, “He who has an ear, let him hear”. It was beautiful, but it was terrible.. I can tell you that every eye seen… I expected the rapture, to be peaceful and wonderful but….

“After what I saw”, she said, “I wouldn’t want to be a Non-Believer or a Christian who sidetracked in that day because of what was to follow. Yet the word is spoken, He’s on His way. It won’t be a pleasant day. That day is, that great and terrible day of the Lord.”