What is Lightweight Concrete?

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Lightweight concrete is made with rotary kiln. Structurally it is the same as normal concrete and has strengths comparable to concrete. Although it looks and feels the same it is typically 25% to 35% lighter. So just think of it as regular cement but instead of rocks as aggregate it has clay.

What are the Advantages?

Advantage 1.It offers design flexibility and substantial cost savings by providing less dead load

Advantage 2. It improves seismic structural response, longer spans, better fire ratings, thinner sections, decreased story height, smaller size structural members, less reinforcing steel, and lower foundations costs.

What is Lightweight Concrete?

Advantage 3. Precast light concrete reduces trucking and placement costs.

Advantage 4. It has excellent durability performance, as a result of the ceramic nature of the aggregate, and its exceptional bond to and elastic compatibility with the cement matrix.

What are its uses?

• Floors in steel frame buildings, (fire-rated steel deck assemblies)• Concrete frame buildings & parking structures (all types, including post-tensioned floor systems)• Bridge decks, piers & girders• Specified density.• Lighter precast & pre-stressed elements (beams, double-tees, tilt-up walls, raised access floor panel planks, hog slats, utility vaults, pipes.)• Marine structures, floating docks, ships, & offshore oil platforms • Fill and insulation.