What is memory improvement?

Memory improvement is second only to weight loss in the self-improvement world. One of the first steps to improve memory is to begin a regular exercise program that will benefit your entire body as well as your mind. Exercise at a pace that allows you to talk while you’re moving. Exercise increases blood flow to your whole body,including your brain. And exercise seems to slow the loss of brain tissue that typically begins in your 40s. Exercising your brain is different from learning. It’s about obtaining knowledge throughout your senses,what you see,touch, taste and smell.

Aging is considered as the most common causes of memory loss. A person starts to lose brain cells at 20 but only a few at a time. Aging can produce a reduction in new neuronal growth and memory is reduced. A tranquil mind enhances the ability to retain information and recollect it when it is needed. Research indicates that people forget about 80% of the new information they learn in as less as 24 hours.

Memory improvement is a process and when you remember you are actually reconstructing the event from bits of information stored in various parts of the brain. But the mystery is,what initiates the reconstruction? For people without enough sleep or people with poor memories,the impact on memory improvement is stronger. Improvement is strongest in short-term verbal memory,with trends toward improved visual memory and spatial planning.

What is memory improvement?

Remember that a powerful memory makes a powerful brain. Your brain is arguably your most important organ. Without it you do not function. It is meant to hold an average of seven items, which is why you can usually remember a new phone number for a few minutes but need your credit card in front of you when you’re buying something online. One important step to healthy memory function is to get more oxygen to your brain. Proper blood flow and plenty of oxygen are two factors that must not be overlooked.

How you assist your brain to remember things can be done in a variety of ways. When we learn something or remember something, it’s normally a mix of a number of sensory stimuli that create the memory. For example,when you are introduced to someone for the first time,you will not only see them visually,you’ll also probably touch them as you shake hands,perhaps smell them consciously or subconsciously and associating the meeting with other people,colors,a location,a particular time or even a mood.

Your brain will recall feelings and images much easier than numbers or dates. So,assigning images and or feelings to words and numbers can be a great idea. One of the ways you can work your brain is to do some exercises for short term memory improvement. Short term memory is what we use to hold onto information for just a short time. Here are a few ideas for brain-building games like Text Twist, Collapse, mahjong’s, Bejeweled and the list goes on. They are fun ways to get a good mental workout!

The human brain is an amazing machine. The brain has more than 100 billion cells that continually adapt to changing influences while absorbing vast amounts of data,day in and day out. Mind and mental exercises help to keep your brain young. A jigsaw puzzle is also great,because it can awaken and stimulate the brain.

The Loci method consists of visualizing anything that you need to remember. The mnemonic device,we knew as the loci method, involves placing mental pictures of items in specific locations inside a room,in a specific order. A person can then think their way through the room and see all the objects that must be recalled. If images stick in your mind,you may have a very good visual memory. If so,you will want to consciously make pictures of whatever you want to remember.

Just remember that if you are really motivated to learn and you keep practicing your memory improvement, You will! What is memory improvement?