What IS Self-Esteem?

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Feeling good about yourself, right now, not dependent on something that might happen in the future – “I’ll love myself when I lose 10 lbs.” or “I’ll think more highly about myself when I get that promotion.”

Building self esteem is based on focusing on what your strengths and unique qualities are, right now. We see all kinds of people achieving their dreams, and that is based on how they see themselves, feeling that they deserve to receive, and the ability to accept compliments and acknowledgment.

If someone doesn’t think they are good enough to receive a compliment, do we continue to give them? No. The person has to think the same thing about herself in order to not reject the compliment.

Self-esteem is feeling deserving. It is loving yourself for all of your humanness, not just the aspects of yourself you think are lovable.

High self-esteem is loving yourself when you’re angry, when you make mistakes, when you are not your perfect weight, when you didn’t receive a callback for the perfect job, or when you’ve spoken harshly to someone.

What IS Self Esteem?

Self-esteem and self-love is also taking care of yourself, including eating well, sleeping enough, exercise, and knowing when to say no.