What is telekinesis?

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Telekinesis is the ability to influence the physical world with thought energy.

It is so much more than the ability to move an object without touching it. It is the ability to understand and direct the universal energy force that animates.

Psychokinesis is a subject studied by intellectuals and mystics of all sorts of academic and professional positions. Although no laboratory has “officially” established its existence, there have been thousands of controlled experiments that strongly suggest that influencing matter with the mind is possible.

Some of these experiments have been recoded to video These experiments have also suggested that it is an ability that anyone can develop. But like any other talent and ability it takes practice to be good at.

Throughout human history there have been a number of mystics and spiritual leaders who were said to be miracle workers.

Jesus was said to walk on water and heal the blind. Moses was said to part the red sea. Some saints have even been known to achieve levitation. Maybe these individuals just had a deeper understanding of how to manipulate and direct universal energies. Whatever the case may be we are now reaching an era where technology and science should be able to explain these things, and it is my belief that in the not too distant future they will.

What is telekinesis?

Telekinesis has been known to manifest in many various forms. From pyrokinesis to hydrokinesis. From electrokinesis to aerokinesis.

Your probably here because you have an interest in moving objects with your mind, mental telepathy, or other related paranormal phenomena. Maybe you’ve had an encounter with what you thought was a ghost or maybe your just curious and would like to try developing your own psychokinetic abilities.

I don’t claim to have all the answers, and as of right now I don’t know of anybody who does, but we can explore the world of psychic phenomena together and see if we can come up with our own answers.

Telekinesis is one of my main reasons for building this site and I hope to help the world usher in a new era where moving objects with your mind and other psychic abilities are a part of normal everyday life.