What is the best aerobic exercise for you?

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What is the best aerobic exercise? To help you answer that question I have compiled a list of points to consider before adopting any activity as your preferred exercise.


Do you have injuries or any condition that make it difficult to perform a particular activity, or may become aggravated by it? If you have certain injuries that are affected by weight bearing exercises or impact activities such as running, then a low impact alternative will be better. Examples include swimming or bike riding, crosstrainer or elliptical trainer at the gym.

What do you enjoy?

Running, swimming, cycling, rowing, hiking? The list goes on. Ultimately if you enjoy an activity, you are more likely to be motivated to actually do it, and keep doing it over time.

Are you trying to lose weight?

If so, then it is important you make aerobic exercise a part of your weight loss regime and aim to burn more calories each day than what you use up.

What is the best aerobic exercise for you?


Running or walking is certainly convenient, and inexpensive. Just put on your footwear and out the door you go! Exercise such as swimming, cycling, kayaking etc may involve more time, and more costs.

Sport specificity

Yes, cross training using different forms of activity is great for variety and improving your aerobic system, but the best exercise for a particular sport, is that actual sport! Cycling is the best aerobic exercise if you are in a cycling sport just as running is most appropriate for a soccer player.

The aerobic system is very much sport specific. To help illustrate that point, if you performed a pre bike test, then used running as your preferred exercise, the post test on the bike would not reveal as good a score as it would have if you had done your training on the bike.