What is the best way to travel to Canada?

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If you plan to travel to Canada by plane we have some great options for you.

Although Air Canada is our national airline, we also have Canadian Pacific Airways, West Jet, and Zoom for you to choose from. Plus a whole host of other airways to pick from once you arrive in Canada

Our International airports are located in each Provinces major cities. Here are just a few…

  • British Columbia – Vancouver and Victoria
  • Alberta- Calgary and Edmonton
  • Saskatchewan – Regina
  • Manitoba – Winnipeg
  • Ontario – Toronto and Ottawa
  • Quebec – Montreal
  • New Brunswick – Moncton
  • Nova Scotia – Halifax
  • Newfoundland – St. John’s
  • Yukon Territory – Whitehorse
  • North WestTerritories – Yellowknife

By checking out these airports you can see which airline companies are flying to that destination. It is a great way to shop and compare prices so that you get the best deal possible

If you plan on flying into Canada here is a travel advisory that you should read so you can enter the country without any hassles.


Just imagine traveling through wide open spaces with spectacular mountain scenery like you see on your right. That is just the beginning of some of the beauty that Canada has to offer.

What is the best way to travel to Canada?

Canada’s largest railway is Via Rail and it travels right across this great country. Talk about luxury, you just sit back and relax in comfortable cushioned seats just watching the scenery roll by.

Starting with the mountains on the west and then you travel through wide open prairies into the heart of Canada. Here you will find rolling hills and lakes and then onto fantastic ocean views.

Then if you get hungry along the way all you have to do is retreat into the dining car where you will taste some of the most exquisite food you have ever tasted.

If you want to travel to Canada by train you can use

Amtrak with routes along the west coast all the way to Vancouver. Then on the East coast they have a route that to Toronto or Montreal.


If you plan to travel to Canada by automobile then there are a few things that you will need to be aware of.

One of the biggest things is that Canada uses the Metric system so the speed signs will read in Kilometers per hour instead of Miles per hour. Also you will have to keep in mind that the speed limits will change from province to Province.

Be sure to check out the whole site they have some great information there. If you travel to Canada by road there is one thing for sure. It is great way to experience Canadian hospitality at it best

Travel to Canada by Ship

Can you imagine an ocean cruise filled with everything that you want from food to drinks and entertainment ?

Then you pull into a beautiful harbor just as the sun is going down and the lights are coming on in the city. It is just like pulling into paradise.

That is what it is like pulling into some of Canada’s ports. You may think that we only have one or two ports but you will be gently surprised at how many we do have.