What is the coerver coaching philosophy?

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Of all the Coaching methods I have seen the Coerver coaching method has made the biggest impression on me and my close friends who are involved in football with young children.

The Coerver Coaching philosophy is one that is extremely attractive. I am amazed that this method is not more universally used through out football development.

Again this method is nothing new as Will Coerver developed the Coerver method in the 1970’s which I have no doubt was revolutionary in its time. Being a Dutch coach Will Coerver had the good fortune to be around when total football was the buzz word.

He had the vision to draw on the replication of the skills of the world class players who were around at the time encouraging youth players to develop their skills further.

Now the coerver coaching method has evolved over the years but what it does give kids is the perfect foundation for their future soccer enjoyment.

The most important part of an child’s soccer development is the relationship with the ball. If you look at this video of the young player at a Coerver clinic in action then you will start to understand what I mean.

These young kids are encouraged to practice in such a way that they have the ball at there feet under control for the maximum amount of time during the routine. The emphasis here is short sharp steps but the Coerver method adds structure to the sessions.

The one where the drill includes short sharp touches with the outside of the foot.

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What about Maradona’s second goal against England in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico

This is exactly the part of the foot he used to ghost past the England midfield on route to goal.

Coerver Coaching Camp – Singapore

This is a far cry from the unorganised street football that many of us grew up with. Imagine the possibilities had someone created a plan and method to show you how to practice from the age of 6 onwards. This is exactly what the Coerver soccer training teaches you.

The Coerver Building Blocks

The Coerver Cirriculum is split into six areas with the most important being the foundation layer is Ball Mastery. This level focuses on the touch and skill on the ball. The most important part of an early players development is the confidence and control of the soccer ball. ”

What is the coerver coaching philosophy?

The control is emphasised on this level by working on specific coerver soccer drills that promote close control with fast repetitive actions. The use of both feet are practiced with the result being young players become confident on the ball.

In terms of soccer ability confidence can never be understated. Having played the game for 30 years I have become aware over that period that confidence in your abilities is a huge factor in progressing in the game.

That confidence allows you try new skills and movements because you feel you will always come out at the other end with the ball at your feet. With Weil Coerver coaching soccer has realy been elevated to a new level. The beauty of coerver training is that it is flexible whether you coach kids football up to the professional level. The system grows with you.

The second level of the pyramid is Receiving and Passing

The emphasis on this stage is the all important first touch when receiving the ball and accurately finding another player with the pass. We have all heard the term” he can control that ball further than I can pass it.”

The third level is Moves 1v1.

This concentrates on the practice of player using skill to get past players with the ball at their feet. This is developed into 2 v 2, 3 v3 and 4 v 4.

The philosophy here is that the game at any level only ever involves this number of players at any one time and the eleven aside game is made up of a combination of smaller plays during the match.

The ability to take on opponents and beat them is all too lost in the modern game. Very few players have the ability to do this as the emphasis is to reduce the probability of losing the ball by passing the ball round opponents.

The fourth level is Speed.

The emphasis on this block is to improve acceleration both on the ball and off the ball. The first five yards are the most important when playing soccer so the explosive exercises in the Coerver method are invaluable.

The ability to change pace can allow the player to avoid tackles, accelerate away from defenders with the ball or get to the ball first in to get a shot in on goal.

Level 5 is Finishing

Exercises in this block are designed to improve players shooting and finishing ability. In particular the emphasis is in becoming a more instinctive goal scorer working on angles to get the ball past the keeper and into the goal.

The last level is Group Attack

In the Group attack exercises players are encouraged to interact in small groups to attack at speed putting the defending side under great pressure.

The important thing to note with the Coerver soccer drills is the emphasis on attacking positive play. This is what makes this method of coaching so enjoyable for young children to begin with and ver valuable to older players and team coaches as the players begin to develop.

But most of all the Coerver method promotes fun and a positive philosophy of the game encouraging players to become confident and enthusiastic about the game of soccer.