What is the meaning of dreaming about body?

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Dream Question: I dreamt of a very deep cut on my face going from forehead down to the upper lip(around the right side of the nose). No blood. It was possible to glue it without any trace left. Was rather surprised with the cut.

Answer: Perhaps you are looking at yourself in 2 parts and realized how easy it was to “fix” the separation. We all have parts to ourselves and sometimes feel torn between them, but like your dream suggests in a creative way, compromise is always possible.

Think about how this could relate to a current feeling of being “torn” about something in your life.

Dream Question: I am dating a girl in my dream that I don’t know in real life. This girl has a mohawk. While we are out one night I decide to shave my head, so we go to her brother’s house. He is shaving my head and discovers are large, pulsating tumor on my head. He then shaves the rest of my head, including the tumor, bald.

Answer: I would suggest this girl with the mohawk is an aspect of yourself…possibly a rebellious, or an attention seeking one. You may have used a female (I’m assuming you are male) to show a ‘different’ side of yourself.

A tumor on your head could represent intense negative thinking, or something that is bothering you greatly. Shaving it bald is bringing it to the light and showing it to you clearly. The fact that the tumor is pulsating shows that these thoughts are taking on a life of their own so to speak and need to be addressed.

It is also possible that you could have a medical condition that needs checking on. You should be able to intuit this if that is the case.

Dream Question: I have had a dream that I have been bleeding out of my ears 4 nights in a row. In the dreams I have been in several different places and with different people. I have looked all over for an interpretation of what this might mean and am really unsure.

Answer: First I would consider any physical issues. Is there anything going on in regards to head congestion such as allergies? This could translate to a feeling of pressure passed on in the dream state. If so, I would get that checked out.

If you don’t feel that the dream is physically related, then I would suggest that perhaps you are feeling pressure in other areas of your life having to do with something you heard or some knowledge that is really bothering you intensely. Bleeding like that shows draining of emotional energy.

If this doesn’t ring a bell with you, then you can ask yourself for more clarification before falling asleep. Sometimes, you will simply wake up with the answer, or the answer will come within the next few days.

What is the meaning of dreaming about body?