What Is The Power Of Now?

The power of now is two things: it is eternity and it is omnipotence.

Life asks only one thing of us–to be more alive…but how we resist, insisting on one limiting perspective after another until we are completely bound by our own conceptual web. But all these limited perspectives commingle into just two limiting perspectives: a limiting perspective about time and a limited perspective about consciousness.

But, we can escape the constriction of both these perspectives through two insights.

Consistent present moment awareness, as popularized by Eckhart Tolle, is indeed strong enough to liberate us from sorrow.

The First Insight:
Time Can Slip Into Eternity

We feel too keenly the passing of time, and rush from place to place, from task to task, trying as best we can to salvage a hopeless situation, to catch enough time to do what we think is necessary before it runs out altogether.

But this is an illusion, because time is not linear, not sequential, but an ever-present, constantly unraveling moment. It is not only not going anywhere, but it has never left us. Clock time interacting with an impatient, frightened psyche creates turbulence in our lives. We do things hastily and in error. We do things thoughtlessly, without presence of mind. We reap what we sow: tension, fatigue, sorrow.

The alternative of clock time is psychological time, which does not measure itself by the rotation of the earth in relation to the sun but by our moods, our interests, our fascination with the experience of being alive.

Psychological time, if contemplated with a sense of spaciousness, can be delicious. Feeling the stretching moment, the unfolding experience, the mindful interaction with space and events creates spaciousness in the moment.

Rushing around, catering to our own needs and that of others, intent on fulfilling a social agenda or a personal campaign, we miss what is happening now. But one day, on a clear day, we understand many things. It is enough to be here, now. It is enough to be alive, experiencing. It is enough to explore and deepen our commitment to appreciate the mystery of sentience.

The Second Insight :
Presence Liberates Form

It’s always refreshing to step back and see the miracle in the obvious, the magnificence of the ordinary, the rhapsody of all time in every single, elusive moment.

Once we have grasped the true meaning of psychological time, embracing the beauty of the moment, we can then move our understanding to appreciate true personal power.

What keeps us from a place of knowing the grandeur of existence is our own conditioned minds. Our thinking of the past–regret or nostalgia–and our thinking of the future– anxiety or expectation–keeps us from fully experiencing the only true power we have, the power of feeling alive, the power of our essence, the power of being.

Grasping the present is like holding water in our hands, but once we can appreciate the color of a flower, a tree, or a mountain as if for the first time, we’re no longer preoccupied with grasping and instead focus on allowing. Once we have understood this distinction, we tend to notice something else, too, a sense of our own infinite value, not as a body in the world, a personality in a society, but as a sentient expression of consciousness, a point of aliveness in space-time.

Once we recognize our value beyond form, we see that the unconscious urge to persistently map our position in life and predict our future trajectory is not conducive to feeling alive, thinking originally, opening to intuition. As we step in our own way, running stories in our minds about our plight, as we feed our desperation, not only do we miss the passing beauty of fragile moments, but we also miss the very insight that would deliver us.

The solution to locating the power of being is at once simple and complex. It is to look away from the current fright into another place within us, a place of trust that a greater knowing is always available to us, an original, even primal, power is here to help us. This place of peace, this “isness”, this unseen, unheard, invisible intelligence arises only if we pay attention to it.

What Is The Power Of Now?

A Summary

The journey, then, from clock time to psychological time is also a movement away from identification with trivial things and focusing on the power of being, which is a power that makes worlds.

Freeing ourselves from the tyranny of time also frees us up to embrace the essence of aliveness, and we move from hopeless to hopeful, from helpless to powerful, from confused to insightful.

Life is a meditation, if we understand and apply these two insights. They can lead us to a constant state of amazement at being alive.

The first insight is that psychological time is greater than clock time.

The second insight is that being is greater than form–it is wiser, more peaceful, and balanced in eternal truths.

Understand these two insights and you’ll embrace sudden, positive change, dramatic self-growth.