What is Tuscan decor and how does it look?

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What is Tuscan decor and how does it look? This theme of decorating is derived from the region of Italy called Tuscany.

Today, Tuscany has many different types of industry, but farming has always been important to the community.

The primary commodities of the Tuscan farm are livestock, tobacco, grains, olives and grapes. The Tuscan region is also famous for producing some of the world’s finest wines.

Italian farmhouses are a place of warmth and companionship. Entertaining friends and family is routine in a Tuscan village and their homes show the well-worn look of constant companionship.

What is Tuscan decor and how does it look?

The Tuscan style home is simple and meets the needs of the everyday farming lifestyle. The houses are characterized on the outside as being two or three stories high with tiled roofs and clapboard shutters.

Ivy may be climbing the walls of stone exteriors. Fountains and antique water pumps are a common outdoor accent. Homes look weathered, inviting and friendly. Tuscan interiors are rustic and sturdy. Walls are stone, cement, wood or brick and color schemes are primarily earth tones ranging from warm yellows, tawny terra cotta, olive green and shades of brown.

Floors are brick, stone or tile with a well-worn, distressed look. Neutral colors of stone and terra cotta are best. Window treatments should be simple…solid colors and loose patterns work best in a Tuscan style home.

Wrought iron window hardware is an excellent choice for windows. Furnishings are simple in design. The look is of distressed wood, usually a sturdy mahogany, cherry or other durable wood, accented with wrought iron fixtures.

Decorative accents will include lots of terra cotta pots for flowers and plenty of decorative candleholders. Tuscan kitchens will have plenty of open shelving for dishes, pots and pans.

Storage cabinets usually have open door fronts with chicken wire inserts. A Tuscan style farmhouse brings with it a look and feel of rustic warmth, simplicity and coziness, which is probably why Tuscan decor is so popular today.