What kind of a rod I can use to put up sheers?

by Marie
(Rochester, NH)

Could you please tell me what kind of rod I would use to put sheers over my vertical blinds. I already have have a valance up on a separate rod?

Thank You.

What kind of a rod I can use to put up sheers?

Hi Marie

It all depends on how much room there is between your valance and the vertical blinds.

Probably not a lot unless your verticals are set back into a recess. So its hard to say exactly, what I would do is fit a top board. A peice of timber 8 inches by 1 inch. Then as wide as you need to fit the window.

You then fit this over your window at the same height as your valance rod. You fit it on simple shelf brackets. Effectively you are putting up a shelf over your window.

Now you can fit a traverse rod to the underside of the board. Fit it a few inches away from the window so when you hang your sheers. They hang clear of the vertical blinds.

Your valance now needs to fit to the 1 inch leading edge of the board. You can fit it by stapling it on between the pleats every so often.

The other way would be if it is on curtain header tape. Then use curtain hooks and hook them into Screw Eyes Bails. These you would need to screw into the leading edge of the board every few inches.

So that’s it if you do all this everything will hang just great.

Best regards