What kind of rod can be adapted for a shower under the eaves?

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by Brooke
(Shillington, PA)

Our master suite was an attic conversion and when they put the shower in, they opted for a full tub and the back half is under the eaves.

I need a shower curtain rod that will bend with the ceiling – the top two feet or so are flat and then it slopes down. Any suggestions?

What kind of rod can be adapted for a shower under the eaves?

Hi Brooke

I would fit 2 ceiling fix rods. Simply 2 slim metal curtain rods with curtain rings to the ceiling.

One on the flat ceiling and one on the sloping ceiling both just butting together.Then take your shower curtain and cut the corner of to follow the sloping ceiling.

Leave a couple of extra inches to fold over and either sew or glue down. Then hang your curtain using clip hooks. They are little crocodile clips that bite the top of your curtain and hook into the rod rings.

Then fit a tie back hook into the bottom of the sloping ceiling just where it meets the wall. Then scoop the shower curtain back with a tie back.

You are not drawing the curtain back and forth. You are simply tying it back out of the way. Then letting it fall over the bath when in use.

Not sure whether you will like this idea or not

Best regards