What Kinds of Camping Lights Are Available?

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There are many kinds of camping lights you could take with you on your trips. Which camping light you may need is our topic.

No matter where your trip takes you, once the sun goes down, you will probably need some kind of light. A campfire is great but it doesn’t throw out a lot of light and your tent is a safe distance away, right!

Searching for something in your backpack, tent or just around camp can become difficult to do at night.

If you drive to the site then you will have more choices because size and weight really won’t matter. If you backpack everything to your site then size and weight will affect your choices.


Probably the most common choice for backpackers, hikers and campers of all kinds, is a flashlight. There are many styles to choose from including waterproof versions.

They come in all sizes from ultra small LED versions to the big, powerful and heavy types.

What Kinds of Camping Lights Are Available?

Solar Power

These are really starting to become popular. As long as the sun shines to charge them up, you will have a good Eco friendly, renewable energy source.

Head Lamps

These are the kind that you slip over your head or clip onto your hat. This leaves your hands free to do just about anything from read a book to preparing your supper.

Camping Lantern

These come in battery powered and liquid fuel powered. There are many sizes, styles and weights for you to choose from. There is a safety issue with the fuel ones.

You need to exercise caution when refueling them. Do it outdoors and not in your tent. They can become very hot as they have an open flame. I also recommend not to use them inside a tent.