What Makes Your French Cuisine Recipe French?

What is a “French cuisine recipe”? …and what makes food “french” anyway?

*Does the recipe have to come from France?

Nope – I’ve been to “French” restaurants all over the world.

*Does it have to use only French ingredients?

Of course not! …trade and commerce put an end to that a long time ago by bringing in herbs and spices from around the world.

so what defines a food or a recipe as a “French cuisine recipe”?

Well… In the 17th century, La Varenne and Massialot came up with Haute Cuisine (high cuisine). They shunned excess imported spices and focused on the use of French herbs and spices (ex. herbs de provence).

La Varenne and Massialot sought to bring out the natural flavors inherent within the ingredients used. It is also typical of Haute Cuisine to consist of many courses consisting of small dishes, elaborate presentation, and impeccable service.

Later, in the 20th century, Nouvelle Cuisine (new cuisine) came about, seeking to further refine the past two hundred years of culinary refinement into what is considered today an art form.

What Makes Your French Cuisine Recipe French?

The Ten defining characteristics of Nouvelle Cuisine came to be:

1. simplified cooking processes;

2. rejection of anything in excess;

3. greatly reduced cooking times for most seafood, game birds, veal and green vegetables in an attempt to preserve the natural flavors;

4. use of the freshest most flavorful ingredients possible;

5. using shorter menus;

6. no longer using strong marinades for meat;

7. flavoring dishes with fresh herbs, butter, vinegar, and lemon juice rather than thick sauces;

8. taking advantage of new techniques and modern kitchen equipment;

9. paying close attention to the dietary needs of guests;

10. and using new and innovative pairings for dishes and ingredients.

So… What makes a recipe a “French cuisine recipe”? I’ll let you decide What Makes Your French Cuisine Recipe French? (hint: it will involve some if not all of these principles.)

Now that you can differentiate between a French cuisine recipe and any ordinary free online french recipe, AND now that you know the basic differences between Haute Cuisine and Nouvelle Cuisine why not get cookin?

I hope this has been a helpful experience into the real of french cuisine and the quest for defining the famous French cuisine recipe. If you have any suggestions on french cuisine, please leave your comment below or write your own article.