What does it mean if you dreaming about falling?

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There are a couple of different levels of intensity in these common dreams about falling. The first level is a dream where you trip, take a small tumble or slide backwards on a hill. These falls do not necessarily wake you up and are actually part of the story that is evolving.

These level one falls may be showing insecurity, loss of control or pointing out a situation that is not working for you. See the fall as an area of your life that needs correction in some way.

The level two falls are the ones that most people are referring to in dreams about falling. These falls are high in intensity and often from a great height such as a cliff or building. The person falls and jerks awake suddenly just before hitting the ground.

There is some question among dream analysts whether these are true dream images since these falls generally happen while you are actually ‘falling’ asleep, or just about to wake up.
What does it mean if you dreaming about falling?
Your muscles may respond to physical changes while sleeping such as blood pressure, body temperature and body position with jerks and twitches. Sometimes, these jerks and twitches will translate into one of these falling experiences.

Another explanation I’ve read is that this experience could be the rapid return of the astral body after travelling…a bad landing so to speak. Apparently, this too will cause the muscles to twitch and jerk you awake.

I don’t usually bother translating the level two falls, as they generally seem to be coming from external stimulus.