What Self-Hypnosis Feels Like?

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Since self-hypnosis is an altered state of awareness, you will be aware of everything going on around you the whole time. You will not be oblivious to everything, nor will you be asleep.

Remember a time when you had a daydream. That is similar to a light state of hypnosis.

Another example that you may encounter during your daily life is when you are involved in a good book, or perhaps when you really get engrossed in an interesting movie or T.V. show.

Just as you are aware in those instances, you will be aware in self-hypnosis.


Using the example of a daydream again, have you ever noticed that, although you are aware, other things seem less important? You know those other things are there, but they become less prominent in your thinking.

Hypnosis is focused attention. Your attention is narrowed down to the book or T.V. show and other things seem to fade into the distance. You may even forget about a headache (until the commercials!).

This is also what you will experience in self-hypnosis.

What Self Hypnosis Feels Like?

Time Distortion

There is one more thing that you may have noticed about a daydream. When you came out of the dream, did you ever wonder exactly how long you were standing or sitting there dreaming? It’s hard to know if it was a couple of seconds or a few minutes.

The sub-conscious mind has no concept of time, therefore, you are less aware of the passing of time. (In my practice people regularly assume 10 minutes has passed when in reality it has been 50 minutes.)


Most people report feeling very relaxed. With self-hypnosis this is the state you are going for. It’s almost as if you have forgotten that your body exists. The only thing that does exist is your thoughts. So, don’t be surprised if you feel like your body has disappeared. You can always just give your toes a little wiggle to make sure they ARE still there!It may take a little while to get to this point, but with a little practice, it will happen. Use some of the deepeners to help.