What should you know about High Sierra?

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The High Sierra region is a recreational playground, dominated by the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

The Sierra Nevada mountain range is the backbone of California and creates two distinctive perspectives on the state.

The Western slopes of High Sierra are covered by beautiful national Parks, white water rivers, and charming towns like Groveland and mariposa.

The eastern slopes contains deep blue lakes, challenging ski resorts and Western-like towns such as Bishop, famous for its wild-west rodeos.

Take a trip to the north of the county to experience speedboat rides on the beautifully clear blue lake Tahoe. The surrounding landscape provides miles of ski trails which are also popular with hikers and mountain bikers during the summer months.

To the south of the county the Kern River becomes frothy and turbulent, and takes a popular location for a spot of white water rafting.

Sandwiched between these two stunning areas is the equally breathtaking beauty of Yosemite National Park, along with the excellent fishing lakes of Bass and Huntington, just near Oakhurst.

What should you know about High Sierra?

Sequoia National Park, which sits along the Western slopes of the Sierra Nevada is home to an impressive collection of some of the tallest redwood trees in the world. And there’s Kings Canyon National Park, a back packers heaven, as the turbulent Kings river carves its way through the jagged peaks and rocky canyons.

Most of the Eastern slopes are in rain shadow which makes it drier, but don’t be surprised to see good skiing snow on Mammoth Mountain as late as July.

There is an 80% chance of sunshine during the summer and a 75% chance in winter, spring and fall, though temperatures vary widely depending on how high up in the mountains you are.