What the media doesn’t want you to know about pitbulls?

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Not that long ago I was walking my dog on a leash to the corner store. She loves when people walk by and this is obvious by the way she turns into a wiggle butt whose tail turns into a whip. She smiles, pulls and wags her tail non-stop. A young mother stopped with her son who was very excited to pet a dog. We talked for serveral minutes all the while her son was getting his face speed washed with all of the doggie kisses. She asked what kind of dog it was and I responded in a matter of fact tone of voice “she’s an American Pitbull Terrier”. I’m surprised that her son didn’t suffer from a dislocated shoulder from how fast she yanked him away from my dog.

I am telling you this story because I think it is a good example of how often people are willing to surrender their own minds and follow what the media feeds them. This woman had a friendly, playful dog right in front of her that was showing her son nothing but love. Yet, because some reporters had convinced her that these dogs were all child eating monsters she completly dismissed her ability to form her own opinion.

The media has a responsibility to report accurate information. But we have a responsibilty too. We have a responsibility to keep an open mind and recognize that the media should not be allowed to form our opinions and dictate how we live our lives. Please take the time to watch the following video and see for yourself that for every glorified story the media reports there are thousands upon thousands of pitbulls that live with responsible owners who love them.

What the media doesnt want you to know about pitbulls?

It is important that you know that although I use the term “Pitbull”, there actually is no breed of dog called pitbull. This is a term used collectivley to describe dogs with similiar physical characteristics. These are typically the American Pitbull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. However, a number of other breeds have very similiar traits and are very often mis-identified as “Pitbulls”. This includes many reports of dog bites where people and/or reporters who are not educated on breed identification state it was a Pitbull involved in the bite when in fact it was a different breed all together.

It is also important that you understand that although the history of the “Pitbull” does include fighting it is actually this history that contributes to the breeds nature to be people friendly. The handlers who “fought” these dogs needed to be able to handle their dogs during fights. Any dog who showed human aggression was considered useless and more often then not was destroyed. They certainly were not bred because aggression towards people was not a trait that handlers considered desirable. Therefore, although the breed does have tendencies to show aggression towards other dogs, they don’t by nature show aggression towards people.

Please click on the video link under the photo and listen carefully to the message that pitbull owners want the media to hear.