What to do if you’re skin suffering from snowboarding?

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Cold weather, wind, altitude, blood sweat and tears… all things that can make your skin suffer snowboarding.

But there are ways you can reduce yourself from becoming a red flaky mess, with a running noes, you have to plan ahead before taking to the mountain and stop your skin suffering snowboarding.

Be Sun Smart

First things first – you want to make sure you apply sunscreen, and stop any harsh rays from burning you’re face, although its cold up there, you can still get sunburn!

Keep those Lips in Shape

Secondly take a good lip balm, this will help to reduce chapping, make sure the lip blam is good quality and has some sort of SPF factor as well, to keep those lips still kissable at the end of the day. Before you board, if you suffer from dry skin, you should make sure you a barrier cream, to seal in the moisture so you don’t lose it during the day. And if you dont have dry skin, make sure you still apply a good moisturizer, cos the cold can reek havoc on your skin.

What to do if youre skin suffering from snowboarding?

Its all About Layers To Protect From Wind Burn

Another thing that can help on those freezing days, is getting a scarf of neck warmer, to cover your face and avoid wind burn, when you ‘re on the chair.

These are just a few steps, but if u stick to them, they’ll help you avoid becoming bright red at the end of the day, so you’re skin doesn’t suffer snowboarding.