What to need to know about Adirondack chairs

Adirondack chairs are now a popular addition to many gardens, but it hasn’t always that way.

Patio and garden Furniture, as we know it, has gone through a tremendous evolution since the early days of the traditional rocking chair on the front porch. Now it all depends on your budget and personal taste. Casual, classy and sometimes very formal outdoor furniture settings on today’s decks and patios are now common place. Just think of some of the high quality outdoor furniture that can be found around swimming pools and the nice heavy duty Adirondack chairs found in gardens.

Before patio and garden furniture became popular, the main outdoor furniture was an old rocker on the front porch or some old kitchen chairs that were left outside. It was normal to move out to the front porch after dinner in the summer time in order to try to get some cool evening air. In those eraly days the front porch became a natural extension of the main house, giving way to verandas and patios as we know them today.

What to need to know about Adirondack chairs

One of the most popular early garden chairs was the wooden Adirondack style chair with wide arms, which served as a kind of table.by clicking here you will be able to see cedar Adirondack chairs, tables, recliners and a whole lot more.
Typically the back of this type of chair has a comfortable slope with a corresponding slope of the seat, giving the feeling of a straight chair leaned back against a wall. Comfortable, sturdy and practical.

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Apart from the price, you should always examine the craftsmanship, such as joinery and finishings. Is it smooth to touch, does it rock or is it sturdy, is it light or does it feel just right? These are some of the things you should look for when buying any piece of garden furniture. Another thing to look out for is the purchase guarantee and the warranty.

The level of maintenance for your chair greatly depends on the material it is made from. If it is made from teak, then care can be almost zero if you like the grey weathered look, while most other woods will need sealing and careful cleaning at least once a year to keep there character and reduce deterioration from weathering. It is better to use the right kind of sealing or oil depending on the wood, and this is one area where looking for greatly discounted products isn’t a good idea – protect your investment. However much you paid for your adirondack chair, ottoman or whatever, it was good money so take care of your purchase …

Aggressively wash your chair once a year with a soapy sponge, use a light sandpaper if necessary to remove stubborn stain, then apply a coat of your wood sealer or preservative. On the other hand, plastic furniture will need washing with soapy water and a cloth or rough sponge.