What to need to know about coffee and premium roasts?

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Coffee ranks high as one of the most popular beverages for American people. Many of us can’t get our day started without that first steaming cup.

  But exactly when and where this popular drink originated from is not entirely known. Some authorities think that it was first grown and harvested in Arabia somewhere around 675 B.C.

In 1714, the French succeeded in planting a shoot from a coffee tree, which eventually flourished into the extensive Latin American plantations of today.

But this high ranking American classic has come a long way down the years. The method of roasting the beans impacts both flavor and aroma.

Usually, the roast is separated into three different categories and roasting temperature is adjusted based on the desired strength of the beverage.

What to need to know about coffee and premium roasts?

A light roast requires a temperature of 380 degrees Fahrenheit and makes for light aroma and flavor.

Medium roast requirement is 400 degrees, the beverage is fuller bodied and darker in color. Dark roast is very full bodied, richer and aromatic at a temperature of 425 degrees.

Espresso is an Italian word describing how coffee is filtered out. This is a much stronger beverage, and is usually enjoyed in considerably smaller quantities.

Add a blend of frothed milk or whipped cream with a dash of cinnamon and it becomes a flavorful, pleasing cappuccino drink.

Tea was first harvested in Southeast Asia, being the primary beverage drank in China.

It was brought over from England by early settlers, but was heavily taxed by the British, therefore resulting in the famous Boston Tea Party.

Since that time, it has never reclaimed the same popularity as coffee in American culture, but herbal tea has considerable health related values.

Certain herbal teas can help stress, sleep, well being, and assist in removing impurities from the body.

What to need to know about coffee and premium roasts?

So whether you enjoy cappuccino with biscotti, or tea with a hint of chamomile or mint, there are a variety of choices available for these two popular beverages.

I personally enjoy my coffee with a crunchy marble chocolate or almond biscotti for dipping. Delicious!