What to see and do at the Great Barrier Reef?

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If you’re visiting the beautiful Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise and your idea of what to see and do, is looking for something really adventurous, Lady Elliot Island, the southern most island of the Great Barrier Reef, is a coral cay day trip you will never forget.

One of the world’s top diving and snorkelling sites Lady Elliot is located 80km’s off Bundaberg. With a rich marine eco-system of birdlife, reef fish, turtles between November and February, humpback whales from June to October and giant manta rays, this is a place of rare beauty.

The clear tropical waters allow up to 25 metres visibility, so whether snorkelling, diving or in a glass bottom boat, the brilliant colours of marine life are on full display. There are nature walks around the island daily. The itinerary changes daily to highlight the wonders of the beach and lagoon, bird rookery, lighthouse and historical artefacts from the days of guano miners. A multitude of reef fish appear at the fish pool every day, and you will be shown the correct way to hand feed them.

At low tide, you can venture through the lagoon from the beach to the reef edge. There you will discover the complexities of the reef eco-system first hand for yourself. Only 105 people can stay at any one time, but if you are holidaying on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or are in Brisbane and fancy doing something different, call Seair and join them on a day trip. They fly Cessna Caravans, Britten-Normal Islanders and Twin Otters. They will fly you to Lady Elliot and back for a most memorable day.

Tours begin early in the morning and you fly north along the spectacular Queensland coastline to the Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

You step right off the beach and snorkel, swim and dive, coming face-to-face with turtles, shipwrecks, colourful coral and fish and manta rays, just metres from the island’s fringing reef and coral lagoon.

What to see and do at the Great Barrier Reef?

On the beaches you will see loggerhead and green turtles, nesting in the dunes, and there are something like 50,000 seabirds made up of 57 species. A buffet lunch is served — salads, prawns, cold meats, soft drinks, tea and coffee — and you arrive back at around 4pm after another scenic flight.

For a what to see and do experience of a lifetime, call Seair Pacific. For further information

Seair 14-16 Lores Bonney Circuit Coolangatta Airport Coolangatta 4244 Ph: (07) 5599 4509

Sky Diving in Cairns

When in Cairns, why not throw yourself out of a perfectly good plane!:-) Seriously though, Sky Diving is about as exciting as it gets. In fact too exciting for this dude. Honestly speaking, I wish I had the courage to do it. I’ve heard so many fantastic tales, that yes, I do believe what I’m missing. But because I’m not up to it, is no reason you should deny yourself this experience of a lifetime and you couldn’t put yourself in any more experienced hands, than the team at Tandem Cairns

Resort Activities

Apart from the wonders of the reef itself, most resorts offer a great selection of activities, such as catamaraning, parasailing, wave skiis, kayaking, rainforest walks, tennis, swimming pools, beach volley ball, live entertainment and much, much more.

What to see and do at the Great Barrier Reef is never an issue. Just make sure you allow time to see and do as much as possible.

Even more on offer

Still not sure what to see and do! well as we have mentioned, there are many day trips, cruises and trips to the Great Barrier Reef on offer, and you can expect a huge choice from anywhere you choose to stay.

If you don’t want to get your feet wet, there are glassbottom boat trips for excellent coral viewing as well as semi-submersibles and underwater observatories.

Children are well catered for on most reef trips, with snorkelling equipment and other facilities available.

As we said there is never a shortage of what to see and do at the Great Barrier Reef.

There are some amazing sightseeing tours available, not only at the Great Barrier Reef, but Worldwide also. Take a peek and see what we mean.

The inner reefs are accessible by boats and provide safe diving in the shallow waters.

Between coral bommies, (a place where there are lots of diverse and interesting inhabitants) Stingrays and Moray Eels are aplenty with the occassional Dugong,. being spotted.

There is also an abudant bird life.

The Outer reefs offer underwater canyons and gorges as well as a bigger variation of marine life. Both experienced and inexperienced divers find this a truly wonderful experience.

You won’t know what to see and do first.

More What to See and Do

Heart Reef, is a famous and unique reef which ‘strangely enough’, is in the shape of a perfect heart. (see photo above)

NB In the photo on the right, Heart Reef is the tiny reef you can see situated just right of center.

Heart Reef is part of Hardy’s Reef which is located north – east of the Whitsunday Islands. It is a ‘microcosm’ (a miniature model) of the beautiful Great Barrier Reef.

You can take a cruise out to ‘Fantasea’s’ pontoon, moored right on the very edge of the Reef, and spend the day snorkelling or diving.

Or you can take a semi – submersible boat ride and view the huge array of tropical and reef fish.

You can even stay overnight and watch the coral change colors at sunset.

With so much to offer, you won’t worry about what to see and do as much as what to see and do first!.