What type of window treatment would you recommend for a curved wall of four windows?

by Marie
(Raleigh, NC)

curved wall of windows

What type of window treatment would you recommend for a curved wall of four windows?

I need help figuring out how to decorate the four windows on the curved wall of my family room. The back yard is very wooded and the room doesn’t get a lot of light for a good part of the day, so I want window treatments that won’t make the room even darker.

The same curved wall of windows is on the second floor in the master bedroom. There’s a lot more light in this room. Right now these have white wood blinds on them but I would like some ideas for curtains to dress up the space.

Hi Marie

The first thing that springs to mind. Is to fit 2 short decorative curtain rods on each side. So the rod just covers half of each side window. Then hang a pair of double or triple pleat floor length curtains.

These curtains would probably only have 2 widths of fabric at most in each side. I would then dress them back into large tassel tie backs.

This would really decorate the window in a classical style. Without over powering such a large set of windows. Also not taking much light out either.

The second idea would be to fit swag holders over your windows. One on each end then one above and between each window. Then you could create your own scarf swag using a long width of fabric.

It would hang down the sides to the floor probably pooling a little. Then you could dress the frabric into a swag effect between each pair of swag holders. I would fit the swag holders halfway between the window frames and the coving at the ceiling.

This will let your swags be deep enough to look right. But not so deep they take much light out of the room.

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