What was the fashion like in the 1970′s?

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Mid-length or Max-length that is the guest ion! From the short, short of the 60’s designers had a hard time deciding what length the consumers wanted.

Consumers demanded easy care clothes, drip-dry spandex, platform shoes, and dyed blue jeans and pre-winkled clothing. If you didn’t have any clothes made of those fabrics, it wasn’t worth wearing.

Leisure suits arrived on the scene around 1972. Loose fitting clothes instead of figure hugging clothing were in. Fabric designers motto was” the bigger, the bolder, the better”.

Remember the unisex fashions! Blue jeans were for everyone. Designers started paying attention to jeans for women. They decorated them with beads, buttons, lace or anything they could think of. Women were buying them by the truckloads. Blue jeans were accepted type of fashions for all occasions and evening and day wear. Levis Strauss started the trend with designer jeans.

The wet-look and leatherette garments became popular. Leatherette was the perfect type of fabric for the up-coming punk style clothing.

Bellbottom pants were popular in the 60’s, but the 70’s really made a big fashion statement with their popularity. Denim was the number one fabric choice for bellbottoms, but soon designers were using polyester and corduroy. If you were born anytime in the 1950’s you owned one or more pairs of bellbottoms pants, both in denim and polyester.

What was the fashion like in the 1970s?

Hot pants were the rage in the early 70’s. Showed lots of leg, possibly some cheek and men loved them.

One last item before I move onto another page. I must not forget to mention platform shoes. The shoes started out as 1 or 2” in height, but soon designers, copycats were making the shoes 3, 4 and 5 inches in height. Emergency rooms were flooded with sprained ankles, broken ankles and twisted ankles. I loved them, I’m short and they made me feel so much taller. Of course I couldn’t walk in them, but I was cool!