What we are and what we are not

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As the day begins, I started this article with the intention of explaining what Leaders Personal Development was all about. As the thoughts for the paragraphs came flying through, I had one of those ” A-Ha” moments…

In building this website, I had the opportunity to do some homework by visiting some other Self-Improvement web sites. Their content was pretty much a re-hash of the same situational information with an occasional touch of some personality. Site after site I visited, I got a dry “re-run” outlook into a topic that has overwhelming real-world value.

With this in mind, I was confronted with how should I make my site not only different, but more valuable to those wanting more ? That is when the “A-Ha” happened.

First off, let me start with a disclaimer…

Personal Development is rooted with history and tradition. Without this foundation from Icons of all of the worlds past philosophers…there would be no universe of self-improvement.


Their ideas, concepts and principles forged what this legacy is all about. With the utmost respect for those who have laid the ground-work for an evolving Self-Improvement super-structure, we at Leaders are taking things to the next level…

What we are and what we are not

People in today’s world expect you to deliver ! We want it on time, as promised…and we want it to work ! Leaders is breaking all the rules by “fine-tuning” and maximizing the horsepower of personal-improvement concepts.

And what does this mean to you ?…

I feel that one critical element of P.D. (personal-development) that has always been missing is “being grounded”. P.D. students in this day and age are a combination of Boomers, Dot-Com-ers, and Gen X-ers.

A powerful mix don’t you think?

They not only want to know how, and why, but they like to push deeper into its inner workings. They want this information presented in a “today” sort of perspective. That is a grounded, plain language, straight-forward, what works framework.

To continue with my disclaimer -

Leaders P.D. is different. Our information delivery methods are sharp, and at times intense, hard, and precise. Welcome to contemporary, full-contact self-improvement.

Our style is not for everyone…
And what we are not…we are NOT like any other Self-Improvement website you have visited…

With this in mind, we will provide you with a look into the eyes of self-improvement ! (and waiting for them to blink !) If you are ready for a whole new way to look at improving yourself, your money, your happiness, your life – buckle up !

L.P.D. is gonna break all the rules !!

Stay Tuned !!