What Will You Do When You Need A Value For Your Used Heavy Equipment?

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Don’t Guess, I’ll Tell You…

When It Involves Your Used Heavy Equipment You Must Demand Ehthical Excellence From Equipment Appraisers.

Let Me Explain,

First Off, They Must Comply With These 4 Strict Points:

1. Ethical Obligations

2. Supporter Only Of The Appraisal

3. Must Be Certified To Perform Appraisals

4. Appraisal Must Withstand Extreme Investigation And Scrutiny

Right Now I Urge You To Keep Reading For Further Explanation Of The 4 Strict Points (These Points Protect You)

1. Ethical Obligations: What can happen if an equipment appraisal is not backed by a specific set of methodologies? It will not be accurate and it can be costly and can cause a great deal of liability for you.

What I am leading up to is all appraisers must be a Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser (CMEA) to perform appraisals.

A CMEA follow’s the methods of Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices (USPAP). USPAP is something like a cake recipe, meaning, if you follow the recipe (method) ingredient by ingredient and follow the baking instructions, you can’t get it wrong.

What Will You Do When You Need A Value For Your Used Heavy Equipment?

You want a USPAP compliant appraiser because this tells you that the appraisal report is government compliant and complete with accuracy.

2. Supporter only of The Appraisal: The Bottom line is this; the appraiser does not take side with any person or entity. The appraiser only supports his/her values of the appraisal report.

These values are backed by, you guessed, USPAP, extensive research, personal inspection, contact with the equipment manufactures and suppliers to find out what the items are really worth( it’s a pretty exhaustive process).

3. Certification: Without out a certification seal (similar to your Notary) your appraisal report is worthless. It will not hold up in courts, banks or any other government entity or legal process (law suits, estate planning, business sale/purchase etc…). Be sure your appraiser has the CMEA seal.

4. Withstand investigation and scrutiny: Not all appraisal reports are created equal. But you don’t have to be concerned about that as long as you see this seal: CMEA.

Don’t Gamble With Your Used Heavy Equipment…

Many attempts have been made to educate the public on how to protect themselves when it comes to getting accurate values for their used heavy equipment.

Reason being is many professionals guess, rely on some old big book of values, call a salesperson that sales used heavy equipment or worst of all(my favorite…not really) is to get the opinion of a non-certified person(Mr. Know-It-All or your uncle that fixes clock radios).

I Think You’ll agree that your appraiser must be committed to preserving the public trust. This assures an appraisal will be accurate and able to withstand scrutiny from “BIG BROTHER”.