What window treatment should I use to cover small window?

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I have a very large patio sliding window. I have installed floor to ceiling valance and drapes.

My problem is, I have a small window 2′ x 4′ on the adjacent wall which is located very close to the sliding patio window. I need some ideas on how to cover this small window. Thank you.

What window treatment should I use to cover small window?

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Ignoring your decor and room style as we don’t know what these are at present.

I will give you a couple of possible general ideas for your small window.

First idea and my favorite would be to fit a roman shade in the same fabric as the curtains on the patio doors.

If your curtains are ready made. then buy a small pair of curtains and get a curtain maker to use these to make one for you.

You will find a couple of roman shade makers on ebay who will do this for you.

Another option would be to fit a blind of some kind in a solid color that either matches the color of your curtains or the color of your walls.

I would not try and make this window a feature at all. Your main focus should be on the window treatment for the large window. You just want to blend the small window in to the room.

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