What you get with KidSpeak 6-in-1 Language Learning Programme?

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To help your child learn French and other languages This different approach may work. Designed for children aged ages 5 – 13 KidSpeak 6 in 1 Language Learning Programme is a daring venture.

With a view to taking full advantage of your child’s ability to learn French and other languages, KidSpeak suggest that they learn not just a second language like French, but multiple languages and music. By “playing” with KidSpeak

What you get with KidSpeak 6-in-1 Language Learning Programme:

  • Over 40 fun interactive games and activities including games, songs and puzzles.
  • KidSpeak covers all the basics: alphabet, numbers, telling time, names of days and months, simple sentences and important phrases in 6 languages.
  • Offers more than 700 words and expressions per language
  • This is a true multimedia immersion learning with video-game-like animation and sound with 3 levels of difficulty to keep your child on his/her toes!
  • KidSpeak uses the immersion method: all instructions etc are in French.

What you get with KidSpeak 6 in 1 Language Learning Programme?

Younger children who are not so confident with the basics of the language may need adult support. More confident children may quickly pick up what they are expected to do and will be able to work independently through the games.

KidSpeak French might be a very useful buy for any child (5–12) who is learning French at school, or for a parent who wants to help introduce their child to the language. The games, songs and puzzles would help to consolidate a wide range of vocabulary in a simple and fun way.

I wouldn’t be so confident about it as a stand-alone French course. Boost your child’s vocabulary with a great Children’s Illustrated English French Dictionary

When you child gets going learning French and begins to show interest, a good dictionary is a great help.