What You Need To Know About Athletic Scholarships?

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For those students who have been blessed with superior athletic abilities, there is a great opportunity for higher studies, as well as chance to make further progress in their respective sports. Students in the US, who do really well at sports, such as basketball, soccer, football, baseball, gymnastics, athletics, rowing, swimming, golf and track and field events, are able to attend college on an athletic scholarship.

However, just excelling at sports alone won’t get you a partial or full athletic scholarship. In order to get one, a student must have decent grades, acceptable SAT or ACT scores, and a clean track record in terms of discipline and self-conduct.

To begin with, you must do some research on which universities or colleges offer opportunities to do well in your sport along with academic programs of your interest. It’s also pertinent to carefully weigh out the pros and cons of attending a NCAA Division 1 college as compared to going to a smaller college. This is because your chances of shining at a smaller institution are much greater than your chances of doing well at a big college where you would probably get lost in the crowd.

You must also keep in mind that playing sports at college is much more advanced compared to playing at your local community or school. This is why it’s important to ascertain beforehand whether your skill levels and natural talent are “up to the mark” for you to aim for an athletic scholarship.

It’s no secret that in order to succeed, you need to start at an early age, as in your sophomore year. At the same time, make sure that you grades do not suffer because there are specific academic requirements that you must be able to meet in order to qualify for an athletic scholarship. Have a talk with your coach to know which athletic programs are suitable to your natural prowess or talent. Also seek the guidance of a career counselor to know which subjects to study in order to have a back-up career outside of sports.

What You Need To Know About Athletic Scholarships?

It is also recommended that you contact the coaches of the various colleges you are applying to and show your genuine interest in their programs. Remember to highlight your athletic and academic achievements while stating that you are seeking scholarships or financial aid. This is important because if you submit applications to colleges where you intend to contact the coach, it sends the message that you are a serious candidate.

Athletic scholarships are offered to talented students in two ways. One way is the formal application route and the other is at the recommendations of scouts representing different colleges who travel the length and breadth of the country to uncover the best players with a potential for greatness.

The main criteria taken under consideration for an athletic scholarship are academics, playing abilities, performance in sports events played at high school, victories and the overall maturity of the student.

So all you have to do is handle your college application in a smart and disciplined manner and you may just find yourself playing at a great college on a full scholarship.