What you need to know about biker’s helmets?

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Helmets – what kind should you buy and which style suits your bike? Well the most important thing is that it’s a good quality,trusted brand and fully conforms to safety standards and regulations. Buy from a reputable dealer and don’t buy them second hand. Any helmet that may have been dropped – even if you can’t see any damage – may not offer full protection.

Make sure it fits! A lid that moves around or has gaps is the wrong size for you. Go and try them on, as with clothing, different makes will vary in how they fit you. There are three basic helmet types. Full faced, open faced and pot style. If you ride a sportsbike, tourer or naked you will more than likely have a full helmet and i think this looks best. Owners of big tourers such as Goldwings will often be seen in open faced styles as will riders of bigger cruiser bikes like some of the Harleys and the amazing Triumph Rocket III. Bikers with customs, choppers and trikes mostly have a preference for the pot style helmet and i wouldn’t argue with that!

Helmets are very big business with a massive range of colours and designs. Race colours, tribal, patriotic and replicas. Gloss and matt finishes. Different venting and airflow systems and also ant-fog. The price range is as wide as the choice of helmets. Around £200 – £300 is a reasonable price to pay for a decent one. You can pay less but it’s unlikely to be great, you can pay more for a top name with great styling and features. Remember the ability to reduce noise is also a factor as not everyone gets on with ear plugs!

I must admit i tend to favour plain colours that match or co-ordinate with the bike. My present helmet is black which is good as it goes fine with the variety of bikes my other half has owned in the last eighteen months! The yellow,silver,red and now Lucifer Orange!

What you need to know about bikers helmets?

We tend to disagree on designs as he prefers louder patterns and colours to me. At the moment when i am on the back i look at a British Bulldog bursting through a Union Jack! But he wears black leathers so thats okay.

To stay looking good on your bike, a plain colour or simple design is safer. Less chance of it clashing with your gear or the bike. If like my husband you have single colour bike and black leathers then feel free to express yourself through the helmet!

The cruiser style demands a classy but simple look. For me it’s got to be plain or a subtle blend of airbrushed colours. As an alternative to black, i love graphites and chrome.